IV Therapy and Its Benefits for Athletes

Being an athlete demands an almost superhuman strength. Intense training, frequent competitions, and a demanding workout regimen certainly require a constant supply of energy and efficient athletic recovery time. Giving your best in every game is no small feat. But ensuring your body is always recharged can make a massive difference before, during, and after every game. This is where the role of IV therapy for athletes comes in.

You can consider it a massive energy storehouse that can be accessed any time your system needs recharging. IV therapy involves delivering the much need hydration and essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This process ensures instant and effective absorption of nutrients in the body. 

Read on to know what the IV drips for athletes are made of and how IV treatments help boost an athlete's health and performance. 

How Your Body May Feel Post-Workout

A lot of energy goes into routine physical activity. As a result, athletes often cope with depleting micro and macro-nutrients supply. Surprisingly, all it takes is 1-4 hours for your energy levels to take drop substantially (sometimes even up to 60 percent!). 

Heavy workouts cause fatigue, soreness, dehydration, stress on cells, and microscopic muscle tears. In some cases the after-effects of intense exercise last for days on end. 

Intense physical activity drains several key micro-nutrients from your body. These include: • Electrolytes due to sweating • Fatty acids and amino acids in your gut

As a result, your performance becomes slower and your motivation and concentration levels drop. With essential nutrients now lost, the recovery becomes harder as well. Waiting days for recovery can be frustrating - both personally and professionally. This is where the need for IV therapy comes in.

What Benefits Does IV Therapy Offer For Athletes

IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery opens up a plethora of benefits for athletes and bodybuilders. The treat offers:

Hydration Boost

Intense physical activity can lead to a loss of 3,000 ml/hr of body fluids through sweat. This results in impaired performance, lower concentration levels, and a crippled recovery time. Through IV therapy, your athletic performance stays at peak levels. Once your body receives the right dose of hydration, your muscles also recover faster than ever. 

Higher Nutrient Absorption

Essential nutrients and electrolytes can be transferred to your body either orally or intravenously. You end up absorbing less than 50% of the nutrient from oral supplements. With IV therapy, however, your body can absorb up to almost 100% nutrients. 

Faster Muscle Recovery Time

Dehydration is generally inevitable during an intense workout session. It is often accompanied by weakness, increased heartbeats, severe cramping, and impaired muscle recovery. IV therapies like the NAD IV for athletes can be a game-changer in terms of improving your recovery time. It comes loaded with valuable nutrients like magnesium, amino acids, and dextrose to repair any muscle damage your body faces. 

Energy Boost

Energy boost IV therapy replenishes the body’s hydration, brings back the lost vitamins, and balances the supply of minerals. In other words, IV therapy is an energy-supply beast to help you carry out workouts, training, or performances with the lowest recovery time. 

Intestinal hyper-permeability

Intestinal hyper-permeability or a leaky gut is a prevalent problem among many atheists. This can trigger issues similar to allergic reactions, inflammation, bloating, or malabsorption. For an athlete these issues lead to lower nutrient absorption in the body, increased fatigue, and poor performance. 

What’s In the IV Formula?

An IV therapy formula for improved athletic performance typically includes: • IV Fluids: As a sterile saline solution, IV fluids keep your body hydrated throughout the workout process. They also allow for an almost 100% absorption rate for heightened results. • Vitamin B12: This helps with the repair and replacement of damaged cells for faster recovery. • Vitamin B-Complex: As a family of vitamins, Vitamin B-complex takes on roles such as energy generation, metabolic support, and cardiovascular support, among many others. 

Own Your Next Game!

Energy boost IV therapy has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few years. Growing numbers of athletes are relying on IV therapy for performance and recovery between training sessions. 

The popularity of IV for energy only makes sense. No athlete wants to wait several days for their athletic recovery when an IV therapy brings the results almost immediately. If you’re looking for a way to stay energetic despite intense training, make sure you reach out to Hydra+! Our IV elixirs are dedicated to helping you be the top performer that you are!


Do athletes use IV therapy? Athletes tend to have very short recovery time until their next training batch begins. Many sports professionals from varied fields have turned to IV therapy for athletes - mainly due to its speed of fluid administration and higher effectiveness(up to 90-100%). Some organizations such as the World Anti-Doping Agency may restrict IV therapy for healthy individuals. If you’re planning for an IV treatment, be sure to confirm it with the organization that governs your competition. 

Is IV therapy worth the money? IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery gives you a bang for your buck thanks to two important factors: It delivers nutrients in the fastest possible manner and it has proven to be more than 90% effective in Athletic recovery as compared to its oral counterparts (With less than 50% efficiency). In other words, IV therapy helps your body absorb everything it needs to keep its energy supply full, heal from wounds quickly, and reduce recovery time to a minimum. 

How long does IV therapy last in your body? Depending upon several different factors, your IV therapy results can last for a few days. IV treatments typically last for 45 minutes to an hour. In many cases, athletes start to feel the effects almost immediately. Sometimes, it may take a little bit longer. 

Can you work out after an IV? Yes, you can work out after an IV therapy. Bodybuilders and athletes need constant energy supply before, during, and after workout. They understand how IV therapy for energy keeps their body fluids replenished after grueling workout sessions. Using IV hydration as part of the pre-workout can promote efficient workouts. It can also prevent extreme nutrient or electrolyte loss during the process.