Vitamin B12 Injections for Weight Loss & Metabolism: Do they Work?

Using vitamin B12 as your weight loss regimen comes with many added benefits. Not only does it counteract your deficiency but also boosts your metabolism and energy. While a well-balanced diet seems to be your constant support in terms of weight loss, methods including supplements and injections can speed up the process considerably.

While supplements can take anywhere between 6 weeks to 3 months to entirely kick in, vitamin B12 shots can boost your weight loss a lot quickly and efficiently. But before we talk in-depth about B12 shots for weight loss, let’s first understand how exactly vitamin B12 unfolds into your body’s mechanism. Read along to know how vitamin B12 can be your constant weight loss partner.

What is Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 can be found in many foods including fish, eggs, shellfish, and other foods high in protein. Since B12 is a water-soluble element, it can be easily absorbed and distributed in your body. It helps turn the food you consume into glucose – a type of sugar that supplies you with the energy to carry out your day-to-day tasks. Vitamin B12 also plays the role of a cofactor, meaning it helps work on your body’s protein metabolism. The combination of two of vitamin B12’s most powerful benefits – metabolism regulation and increased energy – helps you lose weight in an effective manner.

Role of Vitamin B12 for Weight Loss

Vitamin B12 can also help with weight loss through B12 metabolism support. It works on the symptoms of stress (another vitamin b12 deficiency symptom) to help create the motivation for weight loss. Here’s exactly how vitamin B12 helps with weight loss:

Addressing Mental Issues and Lack of Energy

One of the common vitamin b12 symptoms is anemia – a condition that causes low levels of RBCs (red blood cells). A body deficient in vitamin b12 faces issues like chronic fatigue, nausea, and shortness of breath. Vitamin B12 helps increase the formation of hemoglobin inside these red blood cells which helps overcome the symptoms of anemia.

Addressing stress and anxiety is another way in which vitamin B12 helps in weight loss. Since Vitamin b12 has the ability to regulate the body’s nervous system, it helps cope with mental issues like panic, anxiety, and depression.

Chronic stress increases the chances of weight gain. People coping with these issues often avoid physical activities due to a lack of motivation. Vitamin B12 helps keep a brain healthy. By combating the aforementioned symptoms, vitamin B12 equips the body – physically and mentally – to engage in physical activities for weight loss.

Regulating the Body’s Metabolism

Vitamins are a part of a body’s metabolism. When its availability is disrupted, your body might fail to draw the energy from the breakdown of sugar. As a result, your body might try to store more fat when it should be storing more energy. If a body is deficient in vitamin b12, the energy fails to get used up in an efficient manner. As a result, pursuing physical activities for weight loss might seem like a difficult task.

What is the Best Way to Overcome Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

While it’s natural to blame yourself for your weight gain, the symptoms of B12 deficiency can prove to be a difficult obstacle. Once you begin to revitalize your body with the right dose of this vitamin, things slowly will start to fall in place. You’ll feel more active than ever, the routine stress and fatigue might take a backseat, and your motivation levels might shoot up. There are many ways to consume vitamin B12. The most natural method is by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin B12. Animal products including shellfish, fish, milk, and cheese can be good sources of Vitamin B12. However, overcoming serious symptoms of vitamin B12 requires more than just a diet.


Over-the-counter or prescribed supplements are another way to boost your b12 levels. However, consulting a professional for a prescription might be a better idea. When dealing with supplements, it’s critical to make sure you consume them consistently for maximum results.

Vitamin B12 Shots

Today, vitamin B12 shots are the fastest (and efficient) way to heal from B12 deficiency. The two main vitamin b12 injections benefits include:

  • Quick treatment since vitamin B12 is directly introduced in the bloodstream which helps it get distributed and absorbed quickly throughout the body.
  • Higher efficiency because the B12 is more concentrated in the injection. Unlike supplements, it doesn’t have to bypass the digestive tract which lets them 90-100% of their efficiency.


What is Vitamin B12 used to treat?

The job of vitamin B12 is simple – to use your body’s carbohydrates and fats for generating new protein. Vitamin B12 also has the ability to maintain normal and balanced blood, nerves, and cells. When your body can’t absorb the essential nutrients due to a deficiency in vitamin B12, the man-made version of it called the “cyanocobalamin” is used to help you recover from the deficiency. Aside from weight loss, vitamin B12 can help with varied disorders. It helps you tackle issues like low energy levels, anemia, nerve damage. It also helps create and manage DNA and improve cognitive functioning.

Does a vitamin B12 injection have any side effects?

In most cases, vitamin B12 shots provide a quick and effective solution without causing any side effects. In rare cases, however, some redness may pop up near the injection area, or there may be mild itching and diarrhea after the procedure. These side-effects depend solely on the body type and are mostly quite harmless.

How often should B12 injections be given?

Usually, when it comes to b12 shots for weight loss, there’s no “one size fits all” method for everyone. The treatment solely depends on your health and your goals. You might start noticing the results right from the very first session. However, consistency is key if you want to make sure you reap all benefits of the treatments. If you’re looking for vitamin B12 injections near you, connect with HydraPlus to get your health back in control!