What is NAD+ and Why is it Important?

Simply put, NAD+ is a coenzyme that plays a critical role in regulating your body’s metabolic processes. It impacts many areas of bodily mechanism including digestion, energy levels, aging, mental clarity and cognition. The coenzyme boosts the serotonin levels in your body to help keep your moods in order and prevent the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

In fact, NAD+ treatment also helps people undergoing recovery from substance abuse. By helping individuals in curbing withdrawal symptoms and cravings, NAD+ promotes brain regeneration. From understanding the causes of NAD+ decline to choose the NAD+ treatment that is right for you, here’s everything related to this magical coenzyme.

Understanding How NAD+ Works In the Body

NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This miracle molecule weaves positive symptoms within your body and plays a vital role in prolonging your life. As a naturally occurring chemical, NAD+ is indispensable for the chemical processes responsible for generating energy in your body. Higher NAD+ levels also help maintain the body’s DNA integrity and healthy cell function to protect it from diseases and aging.

As you age, the concentration of NAD+ starts to decline drastically. By the time you reach fifty, chances are, you’ll retain only half the NAD+ levels you had in your twenties. This decline is directly associated with an accelerated aging and other issues like heart disease, neurodegeneration, and metabolic disorders. Fortunately, there are several NAD+ treatments to help restore your NAD+ levels. One of the best treatments to help balance low levels of this molecule involves IV therapy.

What Happens if Your Body is Low On NAD+

Before diving into the remedy for low NAD+ levels, it’s important to first understand the detrimental effects it can cause to your body. For starters, a lower count of NAD+ triggers accelerated aging.

It can also harm your body’s metabolism which can in turn cause obesity. When neglected, obesity can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, and a decline in heart function. These issues can then directly target the brain and cause lower mental clarity and cognitive impairment.

While you can’t control aging, you can certainly monitor your NAD+ levels. It is possible to combat obesity, metabolism disorders, and declining energy levels by preventing your NAD+ levels from an age-related decline.

What Are the Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy?

By taking the steps to curb you NAD+ decline with age, you can get your metabolism disorders in control. Low regulation of energy, reduced DNA repair, and diminishing cellular stress response – a decline in NAD+ levels can be detrimental in the long run. However, you can always rely on IV therapy to help reverse your conditions. Let’s quickly understand the NAD+ metabolism and it’s roles in rejuvenating your body.

Reverse in Aging

NAD+ is directly associated with several issues leading to rapid aging. The right boost of these molecules can automatically bring order to the associated disorders and consequently stop the rapid aging in its tracks.

Combats Metabolic Disorders

Metabolism is directly associated with obesity which can in turn lead to diabetes. Boosting your NAD+ levels the moment you notice an imbalance in your metabolism helps combat irreversible health damage down the line.

Improved Muscle Function

Balanced NAD+ levels helps the mitochondria stay healthy which ultimately results in a steady output of energy. With the right NAD+ treatment, you’ll experience a higher capacity for exercise alongside having higher energy levels.

Prevents Neurodegeneration

Aging is generally the main cause of detrimental neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, and other forms of cognitive impairment. Since NAD+ takes care of the insufficient blood flow in your brain, you can expect to keep yourself protected from neurodegeneration by keeping the NAD+ balanced in your body. In other words, NAD+ helps boosts both your body and brain health.

Keeps the Heart Protected

Low NAD+ levels cause high blood pressure. High blood pressure can then generally cause arteries blockage and an enlarged heart. When you boost your NAD+ levels, you also shield your heart from the effects of aging.

Aside from prolonging your lifespans and combating severe age-related disorders, NAD+ also helps manage the following symptoms:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Provides better mental clarity and improves overall brain health
  • Helps recover from addictions


What is NAD in the human body?

NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This vital coenzyme is found in every living mammal. As one of the most important elements in your body’s mechanism, NAD+ is primarily concerned with – assisting mitochondria in your cells release metabolic energy throughout your body. With the right NAD+ levels, mitochondria can release just the right amount of energy into the cells. In the case of lower NAD+ levels, however, the mitochondria fails to produce enough energy. This can ultimately cause your cells to starve.

How long does it take for NAD+ to work?

In most cases, you can feel the positive effects right after your IV session is complete. But the results generally depend on the severity of your condition and how quickly your body can absorb the NAD+ solution. IV treatment generally requires you to take up several infusions until you can finally start feeling the effects of healthy NAD+ levels.

Does NAD improve memory?

Aging causes a decline in memory. As you grow older, your brain cells might struggle to keep your memories intact. The reason your memory gets affected is that the cells fail to combat low energy levels, burnout, and other cellular issues that emerge with age. Through NAD+ IV therapy, you can reverse these issues and gradually bring your memory back on track.

How often do you use NAD IV therapy?

Unlike other IV therapies, NAD+ treatment requires a little more time. This is mainly because NAD is a bioactive agent that requires some time to take effect inside the body. For this reason, it’s a good idea to schedule your therapy over several weeks. This will give your body the time to metabolize the NAD+ infusions you receive from your previous sessions. After completing a batch of treatment sessions, you can choose to re-start the cycle to continue a prolonged treatment. The best part of receiving NAD+ IV therapy is the fact that there is no possibility of any wastage since it is directly infused into your bloodstream.