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It’s time to become your most incredible self. Hydra+ combines medical expertise, indulgent aesthetic treatments, and personalized service to offer an innovative medical spa experience customized to you. Choose from our expansive menu of IV infusions, cosmetic enhancements, medical weight loss and more. Refresh your body and mind with the ultimate medspa experience today.

IV Therapy

Specialized IV therapy treatments help treat and hydrate your body from the inside out, providing increased energy, detoxification, strengthened immunity and more.


The coenzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) IV therapy can help reduce pain, increase metabolism, improve mental clarity, reduce cravings and more.


Tailor your treatment to fit your specific needs. Create your own custom IV treatment by selecting one or more of our IV Boosters to add to your IV fluids.


Boost energy, weight loss, and overall wellness quickly and efficiently with vitamin-filled intramuscular injections.


We will customize a program to meet your individual goals. Includes weekly HCG injections, lipoplex boosters, along with exercise and nutritional goals.


Look as vibrant as you feel. The Hydra+ team provides professional non-invasive cosmetic procedures to target your most pesky imperfections.

Hormone replacement therapy

Testosterone and Estrogen levels commonly decrease with age. Hormone replacement therapy can help regulate side effects like low libido, menopause, sexual disfunction, weight gain, and overall wellness.

Hydra+ on Demand

The Hydra+ On Demand mobile IV clinic provides the ease of a mobile medspa at work, home, your hotel, an event or anywhere you happen to be.