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For a body to thrive, it has to achieve wellness inside and out. At HydraPlus, we pride ourselves on carving customized vitamin IV and injection treatments for you. Our cutting-edge IV therapies are loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, essential fluids, and antioxidants to help relieve chronic stress, fatigue, and dehydration. You can access our therapies all across greater Atlanta area. Our medical spa havens are located in Virginia Highlands, Buckhead, and Sandy Springs. Discover our world of rejuvenating healing sessions for the ultimate health transformation.

About Virginia
Highland, GA:

The charming neighborhood of Virginia Highland is always bustling with activity. With its picturesque setting, the area is lined with artsy cafes, restaurants, and quirky shopping venues. The area also boasts attractive landmarks like Arboretum (the tree museum), Piedmont Park, and the Callanwalde Fine Arts Centre, among many others. The great neighborhood houses a population of over 12,000. HydraPlus fits right into the busy scene, providing soothing therapies to locals and visitors from all over the area.

Services We Offer

Signs like fatigue, dehydration, or stress are cues for your body to find its balance. At HydraPlus, we provide a multitude of services for your overall healing (body, mind, and soul). Our secret lies in blending our medical expertise with personalized aesthetic treatment to help you take that health breather your body needs. Our innovative medical spa is here is for you to relax and recover. Take a trip to our services road to discover world-class treatments like IV infusions, medical weight loss, cosmetic enhancements and more.

iv therapy

If you notice a depletion in your energy reserves, it’s time to take action to avoid chronic health issues like fatigue, weakened immunity or premature aging. Choose from our vast array of IV therapy treatments to keep your health and energy recharged.


Our coenzyme Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD+ therapy helps in improving mental clarity, pain reduction, and increased metabolism among many other benefits.


Have specific issues that need treatment? At HydraPlus, you can customize your treatment by selecting one or more need-specific IV boosters to add to your IV fluids.

Vitamin Injections

If your body needs vitamins, but your mind refuses the IV bag, we have an alternative for you. You can choose our highly efficient vitamin-filled intermuscular injections to boost your energy and improve your overall body health.

Medical Weight Loss

We make weight loss easy when other methods fail. We carve a customized program to help you reach your individual weight loss goals. Our top-of-the-line program includes lipoplex boosters and weekly HCG injections. We also help you work on your diet and exercise.


At HydraPlus, our goal is to make you feel beautiful, inside and out. Whatever your imperfection, our team can provide top-notch, non-invasive cosmetic procedures so you can look the best version of yourself.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

When a body ages, its estrogen or testosterone levels begin to decrease, leading to symptoms like exhaustion, weight gain, trouble with sleep, and hot flashes among many others. Take a peek into our Hormone Replacement Therapy to avoid such symptoms and bring back your body's balance.

Hydra+ On Demand

Can’t come to us? No problem, we can come to you! Whether you’re facing bouts of dehydration or simply want an energy boost, the Hydra+ on demand is just a tap away from you. Simply book an appointment with us, and we’ll come to your rescue wherever you happen to be.

Benefits of Our IV Therapy Services

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, about 75% of Americans are known to be in a chronic state of dehydration. It’s natural to neglect your health in the “busyness of it all.” However, chronic dehydration can lead to serious health hiccups – impaired cognitive functioning, chronic fatigue, pre-mature aging (to name a few) – down the line. Avoid irreversible damage to your health and pay attention to your wellness with our top-of-the-line IV Therapy services.

With our IV Hydration Therapy, for instance, you can experience illness relief, energy boost, and improved sleep and mood, among many benefits, and that is just the start!

How It Works

Our comprehensive list of IV treatments targets most health concerns that might be bothering you. We have IV therapies to help you hydrate your body, boost your immunity, relieve pain, increase energy, or simply erase your hangover. In addition to this, our therapy also targets specific issues like preventing signs of aging, detoxification, allergy or heartburn relief, fat burn, and relief from inflammation and nausea.

what we offer

We blend our medical expertise with aesthetic treatment to ensure all your therapies are relaxing, rejuvenating and 100% effective. Our gorgeous and comfy medical spa will definitely make you look forward to your healing!

Ready to be the best version of yourself? Discover our IV Therapies and find what fits you the best.

medical leadership

Our Team

DR. Jason Burch, MD

DR. Jason Burch, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Jason Burch joins HydraPlus with a passion for anti-aging and regenerative medicine, which he has been practicing in the Atlanta area for half a decade.

His broad scope of practice includes internal/family medicine, medical weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, aesthetics, regenerative procedures (PRP, spinal/joint injections, autologous stem cell therapy, amniotic fluid allografts), nutritional consulting, male sexual health and addiction counseling/treatment.

Dr. Burch graduated from the University of New England in 2003 with a B.S. in Medical Biology, and later attended Ross U.S.O.M. in 2011 to earn his medical degree. He completed his residency training in Family Medicine at St. Joe’s Hospital in Syracuse, New York.

In his free time, Dr. Burch enjoys reading and collecting works of classic literature, landscaping and cooking. He also loves to travel and experience new adventures.

Stefanee Clontz

Stefanee Clontz

Operations Director

Stefanee Clontz's experience in the anti-aging industry spans for nearly 15 years. Her background includes: medical weight loss & meal planning, hormone balancing, testosterone treatment, peptide therapy and aesthetic enhancement. Stefanee’s vision for HydraPlus is to develop each metro Atlanta location as a one-stop-shop for preventive wellness and overall health. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota and completed her post graduate studies at Georgia Perimeter College. In her free time, Stefanee enjoys traveling the world and scuba diving.

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